Employment Opportunities at PresSure Products Company Inc.

Employment Opportunities at PresSure Products Company Inc.

About Us: We are a Charleston, WV, based manufacturing company. We are one of the very few small businesses engaged in the full spectrum of design and manufacturing activities; we design, manufacture, and sell our products to industrial and research customers all over the world. Our principal product line revolves around pressure bearing sight glass windows. We are one of very few, or possibly the only, full range sight glass manufacturer. Our products range from low cost cast models for easy applications, to high end models capable of tolerating both high temperature and high pressure conditions. We also design and manufacture custom sight glass windows and associated reactors.

To apply, send an email to jobs@pressureproducts.com. Please attach your resume and include all contact information. For candidates who had graduated from degree granting institutions within the last four years, please attach copies of your transcripts from all institutions. For example, if you received a master's and a bachelor's degree in within the last three years, attach transcripts associated with both degrees. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for this initial application process.

Job Title: Mechanical Engineer.

Job Description:

This is a classical mechanical engineering position for an ambitious candidate at the beginning of a successful career. Eventually, you will perform essentially every core activity that can be expected of a mechanical engineer. Duties involve:

  • designing new pressure bearing components in 3d modeling software.
  • evaluating those parts using finite element analysis.
  • producing shop drawings and the required numerical code for CNC mills and lathes for producing the part.
  • maintaining regulatory compliance status, corresponding with various agencies.
  • communicating with customers on specialty projects.
  • contributing technical content to our website and other marketing material.
  • performing on other engineering projects as required by the director of engineering.
Initially, you will start by supporting sales activities in order to learn our product line and our customers' preferences; we certainly do not expect anyone to be able to do everything listed above on his first day. However, this position is not for someone who thinks that memorizing a few formulas makes an engineer. You must have thoroughly understood every core course in your engineering education. For such a candidate, this is an unrivalled opportunity to do engineering from conception to production to end use support.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited institution, or equivalent.
  • The degree course work must include core solid mechanics courses, covering stress/strain mechanics.
  • Reasonable computer literacy.
  • Finite element analysis would be a big plus.
  • Commensurate mathematical competence.
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