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How often does the machine need maintenance?

Maintenance requirements vary with the quantity and cleanliness of items being cleaned. Under normal operating conditions, filters are usually changed monthly. The cleaning fluid is changed as needed. There are panel indicators to indicate when flow is reduced due to filter loading.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

Filters and filter O-rings must be replaced when necessary. Fluid must be replenished as required. No other scheduled maintenance is required.

Is there any running cost?

Filters cost $50 per set from PPC. Cleaning fluid as needed. Electrical power to operate.

Cleaning Solution

How often must cleaning fluid be added?

This is process dependent. Some fluid is dragged out by the stencil. This can be partially recovered by using a squeegee to dry the stencil. Some fluid evaporates. This can be reduced by using the Shutdown Timer feature of the machine to turn the spray pumps off when not in use. There is a low-fluid float switch which gives an indication on the touch panel and locks out the machine until a sufficient quantity of fluid is added. The machine holds 55 liters or about 14.5 gallons.

How is the cleaning solution recycled to cleaning tank?

The cleaning fluid never leaves the tank. It is continuously pumped through the machine’s 5 micron polypropylene filters when in use.


What is the machine weight?

The machine weighs 435 Pounds, without fluid.

What facilities are needed?

The machine requires 220 - 240 VAC, single phase, at 15 Amp minimum. A 20 Amp circuit is recommended. The supplied electrical connector is a NEMA L6-20P. Cord length is about 10 feet. No other facilities are required.

How easy is it to move the machine?

The machine has casters for ease of movement.

Are there any special considerations for installation?

No special considerations; however, the floor surface may be subjected to fluid drips or spillage. Please note: This machine is not suitable for clean room operation without extra-cost modifications.

What is the machine construction?

The machine is fabricated with Stainless Steel.


What is the cleaning cycle time?

The cleaning cycle varies according to the material being removed. Two different cycles are selectable and each of these is independently programmable for any desired length up to an hour.

What is the cleaning process?

Ultrasonic energy is used to effect the cleaning, in conjunction with the cleaning chemistry. The generator is rated at 750 W, 40 kHz. The manufacturer warrants the ultrasonic generator for two years and the ultrasonic transducers for ten years.

What kind of down time is needed?

The cleaning fluid cleans at room temperature, so the machine is always ready to operate. It can be left on at all times. If desired, the Shutdown Timer can be employed to turn the pumps off after a cycle is complete. This saves on fluid evaporation. In some cases, it may be necessary to add fluid to bring it up to the operating level. This is indicated on the control panel.

Is it possible to clean misprinted PCBs?

It is possible to use the machine for cleaning misprinted PCBs. PresSure Products Company can supply special tooling to hold the boards for such cleaning. However, it is not recommended to clean populated boards, as the ultrasonic energy could possibly damage some components, such as crystals.

What % of cleaning is expected for 0.5 mm, 0.4 mm, etc.?

By proper adjustment of cycle time, 100 % cleaning can be achieved.

Can the machine clean dried solder?

The machine will clean dried solder paste with an increased cycle length.

Operation Convenience

What kind of display does the machine have?

The machine employs a 6 Inch color LCD Touchscreen for its controls and indicators.

How many steps does the operator need to do for stencil cleaning?

The operator mounts the stencil on the holder arm, selects the proper cycle and depresses two buttons to lower the item into the tank. Once it is completely in place, the cycle begins. At the end of the cycle the stencil rises from the tank automatically. If desired, an optional indicator light tower can be supplied to allow monitoring the cycle progress from a distance.

How long is the learning curve?

Most operators would be reasonably comfortable with the machine after five to ten cycles.

Are there any hazards or risks for the operator?

The operator might be subjected to airborne drops of cleaning fluid. Eye protection is advised. Chemical protective gloves are recommended.

Is it programmable for cleaning and drying times?

Two different cleaning cycles are selectable from the control panel, and each of these is independently programmable for the cycle length. The drying cycle is also programmable for length. These programmable times are password protected to avoid inadvertent cycle length changes.

What size stencils can the machine accommodate?

The machine is designed for 29 x 29 inch stencils. PresSure Products Company can supply special tooling if other sizes or types must be cleaned.

Is an indicator tower available to show cycle progress?

A Patlight® four-color tower with audible indication is available as an extra-cost option. It indicates cycle progress visually and provides an audible signal at the conclusion of the cleaning and drying cycles.

PPC-N29-TP General Specifications

Dimensions:0.85 meters wide x 0.95 meters high x 0.57 meters deep (33.4" x 37.4" x 22.4")
Cabinet:Stainless Steel on casters. No special installation required. No utilities required other than power.
Dry weight:100 kg. (220 lbs.)
Fluid capacity:55 liters (14.5 gallons)
Power supply:220 - 240 Volts, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
Current:20 amperes max
Electrical Plug:NEMA Type L6-20P (250 V, 20 A)
Mating Recept.:NEMA Type L6-20R (250 V, 20 A)
Filters:Spun Polypropylene - 5 micron, 20" Size (2 required)
O-Rings:Filter Housing O-Ring: Buna-N (3 required)
Noise:Less than 75 dB
Ultrasonics:750 Watt, 40 KHz
Dryer:530 CFM @ 0.45" Water SP; 1500 Watt heater
Fluid Heater:312 Watt

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