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Full View Flanged Sight Flow Indicator

Assembly Instructions

Full View Flanged Sight Flow Indicator Assembly

This unit is assembled at the factory and is ready for installation into pipeline. This sight glass should be visually checked for any possible damage during shipping. After the unit has been installed, heated and pressurized, it should be checked for any possible leakage. If leakage occurs, follow steps (h) and (f) until leakage has stopped.

When installing spare parts, refer to steps (a) thru (k).

  • (a) Shut down so there is no pressure in the system where the sight glass is operating. Disassemble the unit by unbolting it from the pipeline.
  • (b) Then unbolt the 3/8" hex nuts (1) and remove the top flange (2) on the sight glass. Disassemble the sight glass components by removing the top seal (3), glass tubing (4) and bottom seal (5).
  • (c) The interior ofthe flanges must be clean.
  • (d) Place the new seal (5) with groove facing up into position on the bottom flange (7).
  • (e) Carefully place the glass tubing (4) onto the bottom seal (5).
  • (f) Place the new seal (3) with groove facing down on top of the glass tubing (4).
  • (g) (Optional) lnstall Acrylic Plastic Tubing or Armored Tubing.
  • (h) Place the top flange (2) back on top of unit.
  • (i) Make sure the nuts (6) underneath the top flange (2) are threaded down and not restricting the seal of the top flange.
  • (j) Then tighten down 3/8" hex nuts (1) across diameters to compress the seal uniformly to approx. 50 inch-lbs, which should be adequate for sealing the sight glass. Then tighten back the 3/8" hex nuts (6) underneath the top flange.
  • (k) The unit is now ready to be reinstalled into pipeline.
NOTE: After the unit has been heated and pressurized several times, the 3/8" hex nuts (1) should be checked for tightness.

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