Fiber Optic Process Lights PPC-BC75 and BC150


The BC light family is comprised of two physically identical units that are assembled from purchased heat-sink extrusions and certain fabricated body parts. There are two models, the BC75, with a 75-watt halogen lamp; and the BC150, with a 150-watt halogen lamp. These models are designed to employ fiber optic cables of various lengths to focus the light where it is needed. Because of the thermal design, both units are capable of continuous operation, with no thermal cutoffs or timers required.

The BC75 model operates on 12 volts, either AC or DC. In use, the customer may furnish the 12-volt power, or PPC can provide a remote supply. The light contains a 75-watt halogen lamp with an elliptical reflector to focus the light on the end of the fiber optic cable. The rated life of this light source is 1,500 hours, and there is an infrared filter in the light path to block the majority of heat-producing radiation.

The 150-watt model operates on 21 volts, either AC or DC. The rated life of the 150-watt lamp is 200 hours.

A non-explosion-proof power box is available to power these lights. It is equipped with a switch to control the light and can also include a timer that allows light to be turned on with the push of a button. After the button push, the light would remain on for a programmed length of time and then automatically turn off. The power box, when used, would be located in a non-classified area.

The unique thermal design of the housing permits the lights to operate continuously, without the need for high-temperature cutoffs. The case stays relatively cool; to achieve this cooling, a mounting bracket has been designed for surface mounting that allows the free circulation of air around the fins. Best cooling performance is achieved with the fins in a vertical orientation, providing maximum air flow.

Materials of Construction:

With the exception of the electrical components, all unit parts are fabricated from 6061 alloy aluminum stock.


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