Process Lights PPC-T50


The heart of PPCs T50 light is an illuminator which has provisions for attaching a variety of sanitary couplings. The face plates are PPCs special fused-glass sanitary DuraPorts and are capable of direct connection to the process vessel. All light sources can operate continuously, without the need for shutoff timers or thermal cutoffs. Available lamps include 20-, 35-, and 50-watt units operating at either 12 or 120 volts, and are self-contained, with a built-in reflector.

These illuminators have a bottom-mounting provision to which a bracket may be attached for surface mounting, or mounting to an existing flange. Chrome-plated units are available when appearance is important. The T50 illuminator can also be used as a stand-alone light, with a conventional glass face such as for lighting a vessel through an existing sight glass. These lights are water resistant but not explosion-proof.

Materials of Construction:

The illuminators are constructed primarily with aluminum parts; the process interface is a fused glass sanitary fitting of stainless steel and soda-lime or borosilicate glass.


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