Stencil Cleaners using Ultrasonic Technology

   Compact Automatic Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Is your expanding manufacturing operation running out of floor space?
Are you repositioning your production equipment often?
Did you ever wish your production equipment were on wheels?
Are you spending too much manpower cleaning stencils and misprints?

The fast paced competitor in the modern electronics manufacturing business needs to be able to reconfigure and optimize its production lines quickly. In such environments, production equipment that can be rapidly relocated contributes more than just its core functionality. Such equipment gives process engineers the freedom to create more efficient manufacturing lines even under changing requirements.

For cleaning various stencils and misprinted PCBs, the combination of features offered by our PPC-N29TP make it a unique, and truly flexible cleaner. Its compact footprint, convenient utility requirements, and caster-mounted construction enables one operatore to push a fully filled, functional unit to wherever it is needed.

And this flexiblity comes without the loss of the automatic operation that represents savings for the operators. The threshold for usefulness of automation is allowing the operator to walk away from the process without worry. Stencil cleaners that require manual positioning and movement of stencils require attention from experienced operators to ensure consistent cleaning. If there is any risk of overexposure of parts to the chemical cleaning agent, the operator has to stand by for the end of the ultrasonic scrubbing cycle for immediate removal of the parts from the chemical bath. Of course, if the operator has to stand by for the end of the cleaning cycle, he is not truly free to perform other work.

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PPC-N29TP frees the operator by combining a specifically shaped ultrasonic cleaning chamber, continuous filtering of the cleaning bath, automatic indication of liquid level and filter status, and an automatic loading/unloading of the stencil. Its integrated loading arm ensures that every stencil is position precisely the same way in the cleaning tank, and that it is withdrawn from the cleaning chemistry as soon as the cycle is finished. Its filtration system continuously removes soils from the cleaning liquid, often maintaining the cleaning effectiveness of the medium for a year or longer (depending on usage, of course). The system takes advantage of the new generation of no-rinse, aqueous cleaning agents for 100% closed loop process, for conformity to present and future economic and environmental operating requirements.

The operator can start the cycle and walk away from the cleaning operation. Also, its compact footprint, integrated castors, and trivial connection requirements-its only connection is to a 240 volt outlet, with no water or drainage requirements-make it very flexible.

While incorporating all the features of our original PPC-N29, the current PPC-N29TP also offers numerous enhancements including:

High-efficiency ultrasonic generators and transducers
Simplified, reliable solid-state design
Early-warning filter change alarms
User-friendly color touchpad operator interface
Built-in diagnostic and status indicators
Cycle progress indicators

An Unmatched Standard of Cleaning Efficiency.

The PPC-N29TP gives you peak cleaning effectiveness in all areas of operation:

Cleans SMT-adhesive or solder paste stencils and circuit boards
Unique filtration system means no contamination buildup (solder paste, adhesives, fluxes, and other soils)
Complete set of custom handling tools for non-standard stencils, misprinted boards, and more also available upon request
Integrated drying chamber dries one stencil while the next one is being cleaned, ensuring short process cycle times and high throughput rates

Versatile, Easy to Use, and Economical.

Low cleaning process costs
Evaporation cleaning agent losses minimized by double-cover design
Cleans stencil dimensions up to 29" x 29"
No complex connections; only a single power connector is necessary
Durable stainless-steel construction
Small footprint (34" wide, 40" high, 21" deep)
Minimal maintenance required
Standard-size filter cartridges allow for easy, low-cost maintenance
Portable-Heavy-duty casters allow the N29 to be easily moved
Cleaning chemicals are permanently recycled-nothing to drain

Optional Equipment Includes:

Light tower to indicate cycle progress
Holder for misprinted circuit boards
Adjustable frames for other sizes and types of stencils

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