Weld Pad


The Weld Pad is designed for welding to new or existing equipment to become an intergral part of a vessel wall, vessel head, manway cover or in a pipeline system. It is available with the weldment contoured to fit a specific radius (cylindrical or spherical). All standard PresSure Products flanged units can be bolted to the Weld Pad. Weld Pads are drilled to fit ANSI B16.5 flange dimensions. Sizes for DIN standards or non-ANSI flanges are available upon request.

Materials of Construction:

  1. Body: 316 or 304 Stainless Steel SA-240; Carbon Steel PVQ; Hastelloy; Alloy 20; Titanium; Aluminum; etc.
  2. Mating Gaskets: Available upon request. Teflon®; Grafoil®; Gylon®; Blue-Gard®; etc.
  3. Studs & Bolts: Available upon request. 18-8 or B8 Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; etc.

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