X150 Sight Glass


PPC's new X150 Sight Glass window is our low-cost alternative that retains the technical advantages of our premium offerings. Its main features are:
  1. Extra-thick lens for large pressure safety margins: The cheapest and the most fool proof way of eliminating pressure burst risk is simply making the lens thicker. The X150 features a single, thick lens that is capable of withstanding pressure overshoots.
  2. Peripheral sealing for easy and safe maintenance procedures: A major failure risk for conventional sight glasses is in maintenance. Sealing gaskets are plastic, and they eventually develop leaks. In response, maintenance personnel often resort to applying additional sealing stress on the gaskets. If this additional sealing stress is being applied to the face of the glass, which is the case in conventional sight windows, it can (and eventually will) crush the glass, leading to catastrophic failures.

    PPC's X150 is sealed along the side walls. Sealing stress is applied by the oblique side walls of the X150 body, eliminating direct thrust path between the flange bolts and the glass.
  3. Corrosion safety: The X150's design eliminates any contact between the metallic window body and the process fluid. Cheaper metal compositions can be considered for some corrosive fluid applications (provided that sound inspection and maintenance is practiced).
Until now, the only sight window units on the market with these premium features have been PPC's higher priced offerings. While PPC's higher priced products offer even more features, the X150 offers the most important of our premium features at a lower price point than PPC has ever been able to offer.

Materials of Construction:

  1. Flange: 316 and 304 Stainless Steel SA-351, carbon steel ASTM A-216.
  2. Lens: one-piece tempered soda lime glass (standard) and one-piece tempered or annealed borosilicate glass (also standard) polycarbonate, acrylic, and quartz (special request).
  3. Lens Cushion Gaskets: Teflon®; Grafoil®; Gylon®; Blue-Gard®; etc.
  4. Seal: Teflon®; Viton®; Silicone (all standard); EPDM and others (special order).
X150 Sight Glass

X150 Sight Glass

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