DuraPort Threaded See-Thru Fused Sight Glass


The DuraPort Threaded See-Thru Sight Flow Indicator is designed for smaller pipelines with connections of 1/4" to 11/2." The DuraPort lenses will allow the user to easily distinguish flow in the line as well as color or clarity of the material. These units are also available with a drip tube, flapper or rotor to help distinguish flow in clear material. Standard connections are NPT, but other connections are available upon request, including weld neck flanges, butt-weld, socket weld, various threaded
connections or sanitary.

Materials of Construction:

  1. Ring: 2205 Stainless Steel
  2. Glass: Borosilicate; Soda Lime
  3. Body: 316 Stainless Steel
  4. Gaskets: Teflon; Grafoil; Gylon; JM-961; G9800; etc.

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