Safety Assurance Program

Upon request, PresSure Products technical staff and your local sales representative will perform a comprehensive audit of sight glass and level gauge installations at customer facilities. For more information on PPC’s Safety Assurance Program, please click here.

Repair Department

PPC’s qualified engineers can repair process equipment units at our factory upon request. We will send you a preliminary quotation for the repair charge and spare parts for your existing standard sight glasses, fused sight glasses, sight flow indicators, or liquid level gauges. Upon receiving the unit at our facilities, we will disassemble and inspect it for any additional components we feel should be replaced. With an extensive inventory at our disposal, PPC is able to repair units in a timely manner and return them to you with minimum downtime. If other components are in need of replacement, our sales staff will provide an additional quotation for the parts before any work is done. Please make certain that the unit is clean and free of any chemicals or contaminants before it is shipped to our repair department.

NOTE: It is important to know your unit’s serial number when calling PPC’s emergency support staff. PresSure Products keeps serial number records for its process equipment line dating back to 1959 to help identify proper spare and replacement parts for existing and repaired units. Written unit assembly instructions or videos are also available.
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