Research Reactors and Experimental Chambers

PresSure Products Company produces designed reactors and chambers for any chemical engineering or non-chemical reaction application, including suction line accumulators, mixing chambers, and fuel injection testers. These units can be manufactured to include various types of circular sight glasses or level gauges for monitoring and viewing contents; design specifications such as size, materials of construction, pressure, and temperature are determined by individual customer requirements.

Our reactors and chambers are available in sizes from simple bench-scale models to more complex systems. Accessories include heaters, pressure and temperature gauges, valves, instrumentation, wheels/carts, pumps, and more; choice of connection includes NPT, flange, sanitary, etc. Units made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or exotic alloys are available, and are routinely manufactured by PresSure Products for various industries, research facilities, laboratories, government, and universities.

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