The PPC Edge

Located in Charleston, WV, PresSure Products Company, Inc. (PPC) has been an industrial manufacturing leader since 1959. PPC’s Process Equipment Division produces a broad line of standard and custom-built sight glasses, sight flow indicators, fused sight glasses, and liquid level gauges to match your temperature and pressure requirements, while its Machine Division offers state-of-the-art ultrasonic stencil cleaning and concentration monitoring systems. For nearly 50 years, customers across the globe have depended on PresSure Products for reliable, high-quality products and unparalleled customer service.

PPC’s standard sight glass and level gauge units are Factory Mutual approved and designed to meet your exact specifications. All process equipment units are computer-modeled and tested under the most rigorous conditions to ensure the safe operation of your facility. Our products offer an unparalleled measure of safety in the handling of flammable, corrosive or otherwise hazardous materials, and a rugged assembly that resists wear and deterioration.

PresSure Products Company offers a number of customer service options, including an onsite Safety Assurance Program, sight glass unit testing, and unit repair.

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