All-new this May: PPC's "Tech Talks" educational video series

May 1, 2014

Tags: sight glass, tech talks, video

Author: Pete Lalos | Google+

Be on the lookout early next month for the launch of our new "Tech Talks" educational video series, which covers the finer points of process equipment selection, applications, and maintenance. Led by Dr. Bryan Kim, PPC's Director of Engineering, the series will start with "Before Specifying a Sight Window... Preventing Preventable Failures through Holistic Approach to Safety Margins." Part 1 of this three-segment tutorial will focus on pressure and mechanical damage risk.

The fact is, sight glasses fail from time to time no matter what the industry--petrochemical, food processing, pharmaceutical--you name it. Yet virtually all of these failures are caused by mismatches between the sight window design and the process environment into which the unit was installed. Such failures are exceedingly preventable, but cannot be avoided by randomly specifying a large margin of safety on a pressure scale alone. For example, a very thick glass that will comfortably tolerate high pressures affords no protection whatsoever against a corrosive liquid that might dissolve it. So, a more holistic review of risk factors is needed.

Take a few minutes to watch Bryan's first Tech Talk, as he reviews the most important considerations that you need to think about before ordering or even specifying sight glass units for your facility. Every sight window failure that we've ever seen at PresSure Products has been preventable; tune in to our new "Tech Talks" series and find out how.
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