The PPC Edge: What it is and what it does for you

December 16, 2012

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Author: Pete Lalos | Google+

In our inaugural blog post, we made mention of something that we here at PresSure Products refer to as the “PPC Edge.” But what exactly does that mean?

In short, a lot. The PPC Edge encompasses an array of competitive advantages that we bring to the table through our engineering, customer service, and technical experience. So let’s take a closer look at what sets PPC apart in the process equipment industry:

Knowledgable, friendly staff. When you call PPC, you’ll always get a live person on the line to talk to—and not just that, but someone prepared and eager to help. If you have a process equipment need, but may not know exactly what materials of construction or unit type to use, our technical staff stands ready to consult with you to determine the best sight glass, light, level gauge, or sight flow indicator for your facility’s operations. PPC knows that there’s a big difference between talking to a salesperson and an engineer when your operational safety is at stake—which is why we will customize your unit to exact specifications and suggest options you may not have even thought of.

Made in the USA. It’s a great point of pride for PPC that our products are manufactured by American workers, right here in the United States—and this benefits customers too through the lower unit costs, quicker delivery time, and overall ease of order processing that our home-field advantage brings. Unlike other companies, our office in West Virginia isn’t just a glorified sales storefront that resells other product lines or fills orders from overseas manufacturing plants. Instead, it’s where we consult with customers to determine the need, execute the CAD design, build the unit, and ship it out to you. Call it a one-stop shop.

Over 50 years of custom-made products. PresSure Products has been an industrial manufacturing leader since 1959, serving customers in the private sector, government, and academia across the globe. When you’ve been around that long, you’ve seen it all… and have the benefit of the experience that such longevity brings.

Product quality that we stand behind 100%. PPC process equipment units are computer-modeled and tested under the most rigorous conditions to ensure safe and reliable operations. Our sight glasses, level gauges, sight flow indicators, sanitary fittings, and lights offer an unparalleled measure of safety in the handling of flammable, corrosive or otherwise hazardous materials, and a rugged assembly that resists deterioration over time.

Factory Mutual approval. Our standard sight glass and level gauge units are Factory Mutual approved, a certification that assures that these products have been objectively tested and conform to the highest national and international standards.

The finest support services. Shipping a unit out to you doesn’t mean that our work is done. PresSure Products offers a number of post-sale customer service options, including an onsite Safety Assurance Program (SAP), unit testing and repair, and an emergency hotline for technical assistance. With an extensive product inventory and decades of customer records at our disposal, PPC is able to repair worn units in a timely manner and return them to you with minimum downtime. Under our SAP program, technical staff will perform a comprehensive onsite audit of sight glass and level gauge installations at customer facilities. PPC engineers will check units specifically for broken or damaged bolts, over-torqued bolts, signs of material deterioration, cracked or chipped glass, process discharge, accumulation of process in diked areas, glass separation, and more.

We think that this is a pretty impressive list of qualifiers for your consideration—but we also know that mere words on a screen only speak so much. So give PPC a call today and let us know what your facility needs… and see for yourself what The PPC Edge can do for you.

Pete Lalos, Director of Administration for PresSure Products Company, can be reached at

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